Synchronizing Art, Travel and Exchange.
Synchronizing Art, Travel and Exchange.

If art is one side of who I am, then adventure would be the other.
They inform one another and without each other both would suffer.
So in my life I try to find a balance between them.

I travel and explore and get lost and make connections….
build art, take risks, make friends, tell stories…
on motorcycle or foot or bicycle or bus or sea…..
through the past, in the present and far past future…
I stay open to the profound beauty and wonder of this planet and do my best to translate my experience.

There is no map,
just the uncharted waves of life and the path you choose to carve through it.

Where will my compass point next?

Unus Mundus Project started in 2015 as a space to unify my love of art and adventure. After building a project at Burning Man I sold all of my belongings and bought my first motorcycle. It was broken so I learned to turn wrenches and fixed the machine then rode over 12k miles around the United States traveling through 47 of the 50 states. I have always been most comfortable in the unknown. I have far more fear of the stationary life than the one spent in constant motion. And so after that trip I stuck with the life of the road. I eventually went South, into Mexico and beyond, for an uncountable number of miles…where I connected with communities and built art, learned new skills, collected stories, made friends and synchronized both parts of who I am.

The journey so far has not been a straight one but the best of them are always winding. But I am still moving, making and growing through all the ups and downs of this life I built for myself.

I have documented all of my odyssey through extensive writing and photography on social media.
Perhaps there will be a book soon!