Synchronizing Art, Travel and Exchange.
Synchronizing Art, Travel and Exchange.

My name is Chelsea Southard.

That’s my bike next to me, her name is The Phoenix.

We ride the world together building art and sharing our story.

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“one world”

Unus Mundus is latin for “one world”, but the story behind the phrase stretches much further than its translation. It was popularized by Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, and it is the concept of an underlying unified reality, from which everything emerges and to which everything returns. This concept directly relates to what Jung coined as, synchronicity or ¨meaningful coincidence¨, the Unus Mundus is the source from which the power of synchronicity is born.



I believe in the transformative power of creative collaboration

To bridge division and grow connection through shared experience

By creating art and providing a platform for the world to connect and explore through creation

I seek to synchronize art, travel, and exchange through my adventure

So I can help tell the greater narrative of our one world

Unus Mundus Project grew from my desire to continue creating while at the same time moving though the world. You can take an artist out of their studio but then they must find a way to make the world their studio. This journey is not simply a travel excursion, it is a lifestyle, a foundation, from which I build my life.

Let us draw from the Unus Mundus to synchronize

and become far greater that what we are alone.