Synchronizing Art, Travel and Exchange.
Synchronizing Art, Travel and Exchange.

Artist Statement


I am here to explore the music that arises from living and to translate those vibrations into compositions of space and time. 

To create experiences and objects which navigate the enduring and the ephemeral, existing as a type of tool to strengthen our awareness and widen the dimensions of perception.

Through the alchemy of mixed metals and glass, combined with the spectrums of sound and light; I create works both large and small which interpret the properties of the human experience and its underlying structures.

We are each an instrument of the finest design. Strung with strings tuned to the precise oscillation of our infinity. My practice is an orchestration of elements intended to further one’s ability to understand these frequencies and to give courage to those willing enough to play them.

Setting the stage for each of us to master the greatest instrument of all, ourselves.


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