Synchronizing Art, Travel and Exchange.
Synchronizing Art, Travel and Exchange.

At the Border

Category : Travel
Date : September 1, 2018

Currently I’m sitting in Marfa, Texas sipping a beer anxiously anticipating tomorrows border crossing! Tomorrow I cross the Mexican border at Presidio/Ojinaga to start what will be a multi-year solo RTW trip. Over three years ago I got the idea for this trip and after much effort, devotion and determination I am finally ready to go. I was suppose to be going on this trip with my partner but for reasons I still can’t accept and beyond my control, I will go alone. It started as my idea, alone and it returns to me, alone. With my Mosko luggage by my sides, Sjoerd Bakker’s book packed, my DR between my legs and my hands firmly on the grips I ride on.

Mexico will be my first stop, below is my general route through Mexico to Guatemala. You can see it in more detail through this link. Below that is my overall route. Of course it all is going to change as I go but please reach out if you are anywhere close to the route and want to meet up. I am also an artist and metal fabricator and have worked professionally in that field for years so I will be working and looking for work and projects as I travel the world.

Till next post!
Chelsea Southard