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True Love

Category : Travel
Date : August 28, 2018

It’s a lowered 2003 DR650 with a 2017 engine in it. Before leaving I went to do a top end rebuild due to some oil leaking through the valves, I saw that there was major wear on the cam and cam journals, perhaps from the past owner running it with low oil, not really sure. It was cheaper to just buy a new used engine on eBay then weld and re-machine the journals which is why the new engine. It only had 357 miles on it, the eBay seller told me someone totaled the bike out of the shop I guess!

The Mods:
-Acerbis 5.3 oversized tank
-Racetech front suspension with Cogent DDCs
-Cogent Mojave rear suspension
-GSXR 650 exhaust
-Barnett clutch
-Oversized 320mm EBC front brake rotor
-Stainless steel brake lines
-Renthal fat bars
-Barkbuster VPS hand guards
-Warp 9 Adventure pegs: I cut, lowered and rewelded the peg mounts
-Warp 9 4-finger levers
-Warp 9 fork brake
-Heated grips and seat
-Procycle seat
-Doubletake mirrors
-Aluminum bash plate
-Motobrizz chain oiler
-Trailtech voyager
-Led headlight and taillight with smaller taillight housing
-DRZ400 left button controls
-NSU fix
-Carb mod: Air box has been punched out and the needle ground down
-Remote choke
-Mosko Moto Reckless 80
-Mosko Moto Nomad tank bag

I built the top rack and pannier rack system myself. And I made the stainless steel crankcase covers, both of the button panels, the windscreen, pvc tool roll with stainless hangers and did the custom paint.

The reason I call her the Phoenix I because she has been stolen from me twice and both times I got her back! She came back to me beaten and broken and each time I built her back up; rising from the ashes. She has earned her name and wears it well.