Synchronizing Art, Travel and Exchange.

I create large scale works that bring together the physical and ephemeral, to construct experiences and interactive spaces that help to expand the connection between life and our united transitory nature. My work is greatly influenced by the organic process of transformation that captures the passing of time and the transfer of memories.

Through my knowledge and explorations with technology and a variety of mediums I strive to create memories for us to share together and deeply within ourselves. I play and converse with the symbiotic nature of our universe, peeling the layers to understand the relationship between the line and the curve, the organic and the geometric, the math and the matter.

I am metalworker and a glassblower, these are my primary physical mediums. I combine these elements with sound, light and electronics; ephemeral mediums. And make worlds collide.

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an LED light grid built for an interactive dance performance Concept and Choreography: Logan Scharadin Music Composition: Stu Pender Light...
Vier ZimmerVier Zimmer

Vier Zimmer

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four rooms (Vier Zimmer) from Beelitz Heilstätten Hospital in Eastern Germany a study of decay
Functional Foundry WorksFunctional Foundry Works

Functional Foundry Works

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Bethlehem Steel, located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, is home to the second largest steel manufacturer and largest shipbuilding factory in the...