My name is Chelsea Southard.

That’s my bike next to me, her name is The Phoenix.

We ride the world together building art, sharing story,

creating relationships, pushing borders

and inspiring others.

Unus Mundus Project is the name under which I live and create.

I seek to synchronize Art, Travel and Exchange

in hopes to help tell the greater narrative of our one world.

Slowly, I will circle this planet leaving installations zigzagged in my wake.

Pillars to this great adventure.

Built, together, with and for; the world to share, experience and transform.

Join me.

  • unusmundusproject
    The plaque was removed and thrown away. Her candle and shrine also. I can no longer see Her and they are trying to strip my name from Her story. “You can’t control what others do with what you build; if they care about it, respect it, treasure it. The faster you let it go and move on to the next thing, the better off you’ll be. A project is not the concrete or the physical. It is an idea. And that is all you can walk away with. What you learn from that idea is the most important part. And where you will take it, is what you can control.” Thanks @isaacsouthard You always know just what to say. ❤️ #unusmundusproject . . . . . . . . . #brothersisterlove #lettinggo
  • unusmundusproject
    I was lucky enough to be able to blow glass one more time the day after my exhibition. And using the real furnace this time! I couldn’t use this one before because it costs too much money to run which is why I had to make a crucible and a smaller furnace for my work. But Brendan Sullivan, the glass artist who used to live in Guatemala many years ago who left all this equiptment here, came to my show and fired up this big boy for the first time in nearly a decade. It was for sure a big highlight of the week. I had been talking with Brendan on the phone for almost half a year, sending him progress photos of the studio, the first glass I blew there, the panels being made and then installed. I always bugged him to come back so we could meet each other and I could properly thank him for leaving all of his equipment for me to find. And then a few weeks before the show, he tells me he bought a ticket! It was so great to finally meeting him and sad to see him go. Unfortunately, amidst all the chaos of the show we didn’t get to blow glass together but after he left I kept the furnace going and blew for a day for myself. I even used the annealing kiln this time! So I have a sweet collection of pieces I made that I’ll be sharing with you soon. I have so many ideas that roll around my head all day, nice to finally bring some to life. Thanks so much for coming Brendan and for all you did for me! ❤️🔥 📸: @infernoride #unusmundusproject . . . . . . . . #oneworld #synchronicity #guatemala #antigua #glassblowing #glassart #glassfurnace #hotshop #firearts #womenartists #travelingartist #mototraveler #fireelement #largescaleart #artinstallation #buildyourempire #dreambig #glassstudio #newworks #femaleart #metalworking #metalandglass #glasssculpture #glass #lovewhatyoudo #outdoorstudio #centralamerica #patience #internationalartist @glassartsociety @urbanglass_nyc @themeltingpoint @corningmuseum @pghglasscenter @toyamaglassstudio @pilchuckglassschool @northlandscreative @yzcreativearts @allianceofartistscommunities @valhallamacadamiafarm
  • unusmundusproject
    THE SPIRIT OF VAHO — EL ESPÍRITU DE VAHO Since Vaho could not be with us for the show, I built an installation inside my studio to bring spirit of the absent Goddess for visitors to experience. I had originally designed Vaho with some exterior metalwork like you see here in these works but when it came to the end, she didn't need it. As my brother always tells me, “Less is more, Chelsea”. I have been dreaming about this installation all year but all of my time had been taken up with building Vaho so I never had time to realize them. Ever since I crossed the border from the United States I have been fascinated with the process of construction and how it differs from the States. So much is made from cement and during the process of construction and also with derelict building, another one of my loves, you see these long lines of rebar sticking out in all directions from the architecture. I am captivated by the process and building Vaho brought me even closer to this process since she was built that same way. When I imagined this installation, I thought about the steel rebar that Vaho is built from reaching its fingers down into the Earth and traveling to my studio space. The place where her Eye was born. Like bones breaking up through the ground into lines and curves of geometry, finding the source from where her glass was created. Light amplifying her complexity casting shadows in all directions and her voice carried with her in the form of a quad-sound installation which played in this space during the exhibition. #unusmundusproject . . . . . . . . . #oneworld #synchronicity #guatemala #antigua #concrete #concreteart #lightart #soundart #largescaleart #artandarchitecture #soundinstallation #metalworking #lightinstallation #linework #mototraveler #travelingartist #concretearchitecture #storytelling #truestory #temazcal #urbex #metalart #photodocumentation #laboroflove #femaleartist #glassart #artexhibition #glassblowing #artstudio
  • unusmundusproject
    THE BREATH — El ALIENTO There was a natural spring found at the site where Vaho was built. A concrete pool was constructed to collect the water from it far before I ever came to Guatemala. This water is used to irrigate all the planted lavender and basil on the hillside where she resides. When I was designing Her, the integration of this pool was essential. It influenced a big part of the architecture and also shaped the experience I wanted to create for others in the end. I wanted the process of collecting the water to be part of the Temazcal, not a mechanical faucet. I felt the act of gathering the liquid was important and a way to further connect the visitors to Vaho, as a way to unite the pool with Her structure. In order to use Her each person must interact with the materials that makes Her possible. They must feed the fire and carry the water to make the vapor. And as they sit on her curved interior seating, reminiscent of the steps across the mountain, watching the clouds they made fill Her chamber, the outside comes in. When I lit Her for the first time, the fire burned all night. Over those hours, the entire structure became warm and I'm not just talking about Her main chamber. Heat traveled from Her fire and her vapor through the cast concrete, it warmed the water in the basin so well that it was like bathwater. You could sit on Her top platform and be warmed by the concrete through the chill of the night, the walls radiated a warmth that lingered far after the fire was gone. I didn't expect such a dramatic transfer of heat. She was alive but not only from this effect but also from the sounds, smells and taste of what she became when her lit the fire in her belly. 📸: Photo of pool @paramotorcyclist ❤️ #unusmundusproject . . . . . . . . . #oneworld #synchronicity #guatemala #antigua #concrete #concreteart #concretearchitecture #doityourself #largescaleart #artandarchitecture #sweatlodge #metalworking #construction #fabrication #mototraveler #travelingartist #concretearchitecture #storytelling #truestory #temazcal #dreambig #process #photodocumentation #laboroflove #femaleartist #womenwhowork #artexhibition #buildtogether #sanctuary
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